Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Teshuvas HaMinim Relaunch!

www.teshuvashaminim.com is now www.teshuvashaminim.net

Almost two thousand years ago Christianity emerged as a small sect of Jews. As time progressed the new belief found greater acceptance among non-Jews than among Jews, but to this day there are some Jews who become attracted to the new religion. In recent decades segments of Christianity (Hebrew Christianity, Messianic “Judaism”) have adopted styles and language which is aimed at making Christianity more inviting to people of Jewish ancestry. Ironically, while these movements have had a moderate degree of success in “evangelizing” Jews, they have perhaps been more successful in generating interest in Jewish practices and observance of Mosaic Law among non-Jewish Christians.
Teshuvas HaMinim is intended to answer the claim that Christianity, in all of its various manifestations, is a continuation and fulfillment of the Hebrew Scriptures (“Old Testament”).

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