Monday, July 27, 2009

Laundering may kasher table-cloths but not money III

A little early for Parshas Ekev,

"The holy words of our holy teacher Rebbe Menechem Mendel from Rimnov zy'a are known and brought many times by the holy elder our Master Rebbe Tzvi Elimelech zya [of Dinov, The B'nei Yisoschar] in his holy seforim, "The honorable Admo"[r] The holy Rav Menechem Mendel said concerning the oddity which we see many times, a child, who in his youth goes to cheder and continually learns Torah, and davens with kavannah (prays with concentration) and answers "Amen, Yehei Shmei Rabba" and "Amen", and are upright in their ways. And afterward, when they grow up, they revert to degenerate middos chas v'Shalom, and cease learning Torah and davening and the like. And how can this be, the Torah which they learned in their youth is "breath in which their is no sin" (Shabbos 119:2) should be sufficient to establish them and add strenght to their neshamos, since a mitzvah leads to another mitzvah. And he replied that, 'This is because their fathers fed thme from stolen money, which they enriched themselves with through commerce which was not faithful...'".....

I have already sounded the alarm on this manner many times..why haven't we produced amongst us students of Torah, Gedolim like in the past. Do we see today Gedolei Yisroel or Talmidei Chachamim who fear Hashem like those seen in the previous generation,like the Holy Gaon, the author of the Chafetz Chaim ztvk"l or the Holy Gaon Rabbi Chaim Ozer ztvk"l, or many Admorim [Rebbes] and Tzaddikim....?"

Shefa Chaim, (Chumash Rashi Shiur parshas Ekev, 5742) page 475.

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