Monday, June 29, 2009


At the moment there are only four explanations for this mystery. The first two give us little to work with from a scientific perspective. One is simply to argue for incredible coincidence. Another is to say, "God did it," which explains nothing even if true. (Discovery Magazine May 2009 The Biocentric Universe, Page 54)

And so what if it leaves little to work with scientifically? The materialistic assumptions of the scientific method are good tools for understanding nature, but they are assumptions and one should not reject their possible inapplicability a priori. And not every conclusion needs to initiate another inquiry.

Furthermore, just because "God did it" doesn't offer the type of "explanation" your interested doesn't mean it "explains nothing" nor does a materialist answer provide any "explanation" but rather mere descriptions. Like it or not science provides a discription of how things occur, not and explanation of why.

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