Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Machzikei HaDas more popular than Hirhurim?

ClustrMaps are great!

From Iran I've received as many hits as "On the Main Line" and "Hirhurim" combined!

I have also beat out Hirhurim in number of hits from the United Arab Emirates which isn't supprising since I felt the whole port-deal backlash was a little reactionary and counter productive.

In India, one of the largest countries on earth, I trail Hirhurim by one hit (but my count reflects a smaller time period).

And while On the Main Line has me beat in India, both Hirhurim and On the Main Line only have 3/4 of the hits which I do in Pakistan.

As a matter of fact I would say that outside of Israel, Europe, and North America, I'm down right competitive, except for the whole "Hirhurim's had more hits while you've read this than I have in the entire existence of my blog" thing.

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